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Overhead and Wall Cabinets

Increase Your Trailer Storage With Overhead Cabinets

Overhead Cabinets Standard Features:

  • Doors Swing Up
  • Standard Door Stay
  • Standard White Door Back
  • MotionLatch ™ Door & Drawer Handles (Trigger lock optional)
  • Wall Cabinets: Doors Swing Out

Overhead Options:

  • Cabinet Top
  • Cabinet Back
  • Gas Spring
  • Trigger Latch Doors
  • Radius Edging
  • Under cabinet lighting with bottom radius option
  • Door Options:
    • Vented Doors
    • Monitor Mounted
    • Microwave

Note: For custom configurations, contact the cabinet sales specialist at CTECH directly at 715-355-8842 or by EMAIL

Wall Cabinet – Door Swings Out


O2-60 Overhead
Overhead-60"w x 14"h x 14"d
W2-48/16 Wall
Wall-48"w x 16"h x 14"d
W4-96/16 Wall
Wall-96"w x 16"h x 14"d