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Gotham City Racing Testimonial

"When the carts arrived and the Crew began unpacking them, the excitement was unbelievable... it reminded me of kids opening their presents at Christmas!"

- Tom Abbett, Gotham City Racing - NHRA

Gotham Carts

"When Mike Ashley, our team owner, asked me to build the most efficient team we could, CTECH was an obvious choice. They listened to me and my concept of what we needed, designed it, incorporating all of the elements I wanted, and built it flawlessly."

"I was impressed by the professionalism of their staff and the quality of their product. Even though I expected a high quality product, CTECH far exceeded my highest hopes. The order and development process was first rate, the design and engineering was innovative and custom made for our needs, and the quality of construction is superb. The carts look great from a design perspective and cosmetically - the powder coat looks fabulous."

"With other options we tried in the past, we had to make what we did fit the suppliers equipment. CTECH allows us to build our shop and pit exactly the way we want... and it pays off in the speed and ease with which our crew can work. We could not be more pleased."

"When you choose CTECH, it's like going from the outhouse to the penthouse."

CTECH Product File: Gotham City Racing - NHRA

  • Clutch Cart - Stainless Steel Top and Custom Size Drawers
  • Cylinder Head Cart - distinctive unique Clam Shell top design - complete with lights, electrical and air supply
  • All Carts feature CTECH’s MotionLatch™ drawers
  • Fabrication Cart - Heavy duty steel work top for heavy duty projects
  • Blower Cart - End mounted tool box - reinforcing to support a blower rotisserie feature
  • Carts shipped complete - ready to use - custom vinyl covers