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RuSPORT Racing Testimonial

“CTECH continues to provide the highest quality carts and cabinets, helping us to organize our shop and pit lane, contributing to our winning effort. They incorporate innovative thinking into the build process, sometimes solving problems we didn’t even realize we had.”

- Steve Wulff, Operations Director - RuSPORT Racing


“When RuSPORT began 4 years ago, we focused our sights on not just competing, but winning. We have been fortunate in that we have been extremely competitive, leading and winning in every series we have contested.

CTECH has been a part of that success, contributing forethought and ingenuity into the cart and cabinet packages we use. It has been a pleasure to work with a group of professionals that understand racing’s unique requirements and processes involved in preparing for the next race.

Their tagline “Designed for racers, by racers” comes through in their design, attention to detail and the product’s toughness.

CTECH products improve our competitiveness by allowing us to react quickly and concentrate on winning.”

Products CTECH has developed with RuSPORT:

  • Timing Stand - mobile race command center featuring a roof that collapses for transport.
  • Custom Tool box/work stations sized to allow storage of car stands & other specialized components.
  • Food Service carts for serving crew meals in the paddock.
  • “Crash Cart” utilized for pit lane storage of emergency replacement parts.
  • Custom stackable cart/cabinets to replace fixed cabinets in Transporter trailers.
  • Chassis Setup Cart.
  • Storage Cabinets designed and built to RuSPORT specifications incorporated into refueling rigs.
  • VIP Stand with custom integrated TV monitors and radio communications. Used by Team owner and partner guests to view the race and pit activities.