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Ken Schrader Racing Testimonial

"My cabinets are the last thing I worry about when I go to the track… but they are the first thing I think of when I outfit a new Trailer or Pit Cart."

- Kenny Schrader, Ken Schrader Racing

"CTECH has always given me top performance and great looks. Their Motion Latch Drawers and cabinets are by far the best value on the market.

The bottom line is this... They listen, have practical solutions and often have new ideas for me to consider when I'm outfitting my trailers. They know cabinets, they know racing, and they know how to help our crew get the job done. I highly recommend CTECH Aluminum Trailer Cabinets, their staff, and the innovative manner in which they address my needs."

CTECH Product File: Ken Schrader Racing

  • NASCAR Truck Series Trailer
  • Dirt Late Model Trailer
  • Pit Cart