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Designed for Racers by a Racer

In 1995, the first CTECH Trailer Cabinets were produced, the result of a racer tired of having trailer cabinets literally fall apart while traveling from race to race.

He recognized the dynamic nature of trailers and welcomed the opportunity to improve on existing products through innovative design.

Jim Greenheck, CTECH founder and Drag Racer, using his extensive engineering and manufacturing experience created and patented the MotionLatch™ Drawer and Door systems and GasketLoc™ Counter Top System which serve as the cornerstone of the CTECH product line.

Those innovative and flexible initial designs allow CTECH to work with customers closely, creating cabinet systems, pit carts and shop configurations that fulfill their needs... and exceed expectations.

CTECH has grown to be a preferred supplier of trailer cabinets, service and pit carts and shop cabinets. Using creativity in the development and fabrication process, CTECH produces what customers want, when they need it.

These innovative storage solutions designed for the racing industry also translate well to other applications including emergency response, utility truck and other specialty applications such as command centers for local, state and federal agencies.

CTECH History