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American Honda Motors Testimonial

"They are the only cabinets that have ever held up for us..."

T.J. Jones, American Honda Motors – Off Road

"The environment we race our bikes in is unforgiving to the riders, their equipment, the staff and all of our support equipment. CTECH was up to the challenge which is why we are ordering more.

The combination of terrain, dirt and activity put the CTECH cabinets to the test and CTECH has met the challenge.

Every cabinet we used up to the point we installed CTECH was reduced to junk... splitting apart, doors and drawers not functioning properly. We are glad we found CTECH so we can focus our attention on winning.

CTECH is now part of our team."

CTECH Product File: American Honda Motors – Off Road

  • American Honda Motors is one of the premier motorcycle teams in off-road racing competing in such premier events as the Baja 1000
  •  CTECH Projects Include:
    • Trailer Interior