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Polaris Racing Testimonial

"I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of workmanship and the durability of CTECH products... they are simply outperforming the cabinets the trailer manufacturer installed."

Bill Rader – Manager, Technical Support – Polaris Racing

"In my thirty years of racing, I have not seen another cabinet or drawer system that matches our CTECH equipment.

At every WPSA event we provide all technical support for all Polaris racers. Our trailer is like Grand Central Station at each race and our cabinets are more than tough enough to keep pace.

Their functionality and design is unmatched in the industry. I can't imagine not having CTECH in the parts and support portion of our trailer.

On top of that, CTECH's staff is professional and has a great understanding of racing. This has made it easy to work with them and they often anticipate our needs and what type of support we need. Since it is our job to support our racers, we recognize AND appreciate that level of service and commitment.

Now that they have their new state-of-the-art facility, they may be able to get to an even higher level of quality... although I don't see how they can improve. But if anyone can surprise me with their quality & performance, CTECH can."

CTECH Product File:

  • Polaris Team Racing: Technical and Parts support for Polaris WPSA racers (150+ racers)
  • CTECH Projects Include:
    • 1 Transporter - Cabinets, drawer systems & window design – 53 foot Featherlite
    • CartToolbox